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The Suspense Thriller and Love Story

Michael Medico
Michael Medico

There are three novels that make up Sainted Trilogy; “Evil Awaits”, “Revelations” and “Megiddo”. The major theme and focus on is the eternal struggle between ‘good’ as represented by the saints and ‘evil’ that is embodied in Satan himself.

The Sainted Trilogy, while not a religious book, does imagine the interaction between the hero Chris Pella and the Sainted who help him live up to his purpose on life, and that it to fight evil. Throughout there are stories that speak to Chris’ Italian American and Catholic heritage and help to make his connection to the saints stronger.

The Sainted Trilogy is a suspense thriller and the relationship with Beth Della Russo that help make it a true love story. I wanted to post short excerpts from all three novels to give you as sneak peek at the characters and dialogue.

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