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Michael Medico was born in New York City where he attended Power Memorial Academy. On graduation Mike joined the U.S. Navy and served stateside during the Viet Nam War. After being honorably discharged from the service, he attended Pace University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing and advertising.

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Book One – ‘Evil Awaits’

The Sainted Trilogy, the supernatural suspense thriller and love story expanded to a trilogy to fully cover the scope and depth of themes illustrated in the story. When you are eight years old, raised in a close Italian family and attend Catholic school; the epic battle between good and evil is simply a part of what you learn in class. For Chris Pella however these lessons come to life as he is taken on a miraculous and supernatural journey. This is the moment his life is changes forever. Chris has a secret he has kept since childhood; he can communicate with The Sainted.

Through vivid, sometimes frightening visions, Chris is transported back in time where he learns teachings from the men and women who, over the centuries, would become blessed icons of the Church. The narratives continues to unfold as characters, including Beth Della Russo, a beautiful nurse, Chris’ uncle Spartaco ‘Al’ Barese, Suffolk County Chief of Detectives, the demonic presence in human form, Julian, as well as many others enter into Chris’ life.

Book One “Evil Awaits” is a terror filled journey that encompasses the dark worlds of drugs, ritualistic serial murders and child prostitution ending in an epic showdown with Satan and his demon hoard. It is this horror that our hero is forced to confront, and it is this evil that tests his resolve to fight for his very soul and the soul of someone he loves.

Book Two – “Revelations”

The epic novels of The Sainted Trilogy continue in Book Two “Revelations.” After Chris Pella’s survival from the confrontation with Satan in Book One “Evil Awaits”, he feels that his life is coming together, especially his relationship with Beth. They have become very close and love is growing between the two. In “Revelations”, the audience is introduced to two new characters; Fr. Aiden Langford, a priest and close friend of Chris’ Uncle Al and Dr. Thomas Houston, an enormously successful and powerful man running for his political party’s nomination for President of the United States.

Tom’s charismatic good looks and magnetic personality are apparent to all including Beth, but there is much more to him than meets the eye. As the story of “Revelations” unfolds, Uncle Al reveals to Chris events taking place on Long Island and around the world; crimes of such horror, the authorities are confounded and separate to end the murderous madness. The murders taking place have one thing in common; they are all committed in the name of the “Lamb of God.”

Many of the Sainted countenance Chris through experiences and visions that are becoming darker and darker. Chris confides to his uncle that through his visions of the Sainted, he suspects these events are all related to evil forces finding their way across humankind. Uncle Al, the only person that knows Chris’ secret, implores Chris to ask for help from The Sainted and the forces of Heaven. While Uncle Al and his best friend, Fr. Aiden Langford, try to find answers to the ever growing horrors, Chris and Beth are thrown into the world of Dr. Thomas Houston and all the pleasures and temptations they find there. “Revelations” ends with the terror continuing unabated heading to a climatic end, hurdling toward “Megiddo.”

Book Three – “Megiddo”

In the dramatic opening of The Sainted Trilogy Book Three “Megiddo”, Fr. Langford believes he is administering the act of reconciliation to a penitent when in fact he is hearing the confession of Satan himself. As a result, the priest suffers a heart attack brought on by the fallen angel from hell and is rushed to the hospital in a coma. All the while ever growing violence throughout the world continues unrelenting as the forces of Hell under Satan’s command wreak havoc in the name of the “Lamb of God.” The horrors and heinous acts committed are all being committed by Satan and his Demon Masters in an effort to claim victory over the souls of mankind. These events have been foretold in “Revelations”, by a messenger of God to one of the Twelve Apostles, St. John of Patmos.

The angel messenger speaks to the Sainted of impending doom and St. John is commanded to record these prophesies in the scriptures. No one from around the world can understand how or why this is happening and there seems no way to stop the horror from continuing. During this time Chris and Beth have become estranged after a number of misunderstandings break them apart. They are both drawn into the world phenomenal wealth and privilege by Dr. Thomas Houston and Amanda Sellers, a beautiful actress and daughter of a billionaire to find comfort.

In an effort to stop the slaughter, Uncle Al convinces Chris to tell Father Aiden Langford of his Sainted visions and the warnings of the apocalypse of Biblical proportions. Chris relates to Fr. Aiden that he was told to make a journey to Rome and the Church of St. Peter. On hearing of these visions, the priest accompanies Chris to Rome to meet with Father Amodeo De Marinis, the Vatican’s Chief Exorcist. Meanwhile Satan looks to assure his victory over Heaven’s forces, he conscripts Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, “The Deceiver” in Islam, and an army of ancient Persian warriors and Muslim terror groups in preparation for the final confrontation. In the end, there forces are aligned for the ultimate battle between good and evil as foretold in scripture…an Armageddon that pits the forces of Heaven against the demons of Hell and it all takes place on the ethereal third level of the Jerusalem Plain in the shadow of “Megiddo.“

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