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I would like to welcome all readers of my blog, and I hope you enjoy what I’ve written and find some of my memories and thought that you can relate to. I am retried and taken up a new vocation as an author. In my series, The Sainted Trilogy, I reference a number of memories, views and observations that inspires the stories I write. Being both a Catholic and Italian American author I want to share “off the book pages” that I use to help develop the characters and their interaction.

I must tell all the visitors to my blog that I am overwhelmed at the responses and comments I have received to my postings. I never expected that thousands of people would react in such a wonderful way. This is just one of the thousands of comments that were sent in to the post titled “Learning Italian” in which I express that I was saddened by the fact that my grandparents never encouraged “Learning Italian, something I regretted and her is just one of the hundreds upon hundreds of replies I received:

“That was the same in my family as I was told by my mom and aunt. A lot of my great-grandparents had passed before I was born, but even with my nanny and her siblings, they didn’t learn it because of the same reason. I wish we can go back in time and tell them you totally understand why they did it but also explain to them what a great privilege it would have been to teach us this beautiful language from generations to generations.” Angela B.

In another post I titled “Value of Education/Growing Up Italian” that was such a touching testament to one person’s pride in being raised Italian:

“I was adopted in an Italian American family. I was so blessed with a family full of love ,laughter and delicious food. Italians and in my heart, Italian Americans are the salt of the earth and have so much to be proud of.” Lisa G.

Another reader wrote about her family’s experience coming from humble beginnings and worming hard to achieve the American Dream:

“My mother had a high school education and was very proud that she had that as she grew up during the Depression. My father who was very smart only got to 9th grade when he had to quit and go to work during the Depression being the oldest son. My siblings and I were told that we were going to college and it would be paid for. We did. My brother is an attorney, my sister has a Masters in communications and I am a registered nurse. My parents were extremely proud of each of us for what we achieved.“ Nancy D.

So many of you were filled with the same memories that I had and welcomed the opportunity to share their remembrances of Faith…Family…Food and a glass of homemade Italian Red Wine. One reader wrote:

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful story which triggered happy memories of growing up in Staten Island. I can relate, having my father immigrate from Italy to NY, with just a suitcase in hand. On Staten Island, Zio and Zia had oak barrels in the basement. Sundays were special when all the family stopped by throughout the day, with the red wine on the table and a huge pot of sauce and meat slowly cooking. My parents had ample tomato plants, fig trees, lemons. and a wonderful garden. Oh, the love…all the kissing cousins grabbing my cheeks, so happy to see one another. Our kiddos aren’t raised with all the same experiences and I feel like there is something very valuable that is lost.” Pam M.

I could literally write a book of just some of the comments that are symbolic of the emotions and memories of Italian American who experience what I did…maybe I will.

In the blog you will find there are also different sections; one relating to growing up in an Italian American household and the memories that I have. There is a section that has excerpts from The Sainted Trilogy Novels and I’ve posted some of these on social media and some are just for this blog as well as a ‘Meet the Saints & Take-A-Quiz’ section. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I would like for you to let me know what you think.

If you think that friends or family might enjoy reading these posts, please feel free to share the link with as many as you wish. Again, I want to thank you and l tell you that what you have told me about your experiences and memories are such a great inspiration for me to keep writing my posts.

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