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“…another appealing part of The Sainted, aside from the plot, is the characters. Chris is an incredibly likeable character and readers will only want good things to come his way and for anything evil to leave him alone…One character, though, Medico must be applauded for and that is Satan. He gave Satan the perfect personality: just the right amount of attitude and sass…Satan is perhaps one of, if not THE, hardest character to write in any genre and Medico nailed it on his first try.”
Alicia Smock
“Author Michael Medico has created a poignant tale that has stayed with me long after I read the last word. A good book entertains, but a great book causes one to ponder the meaning; a great book affects one’s soul and perhaps brings about changes. That is the way The Sainted touched me. It left me pondering changes in my life.”
Debra Gaynor
Author and Ranked Amazon “Vine Voice” Reviewer
“I find interesting the premise…the saints take on the role of Superheroes…a fascinating book, this is the first of three.”
John Gomez
Radio Talk Show Host, LI News Radio
"Dear Readers: Wow! Do I have a Book of the Day for you? Michael Medico’s “Evil Awaits” is magnificent. Fortunately for us, it is a trilogy. I fell in love with the main character, his flaws and attributes, and then there was evil – Satan. If you’re talking plot, plot twists and emotions, this book has it all. Whoa! Sit tight and be ready to get on the edge of your seat with this book. You won’t want to put it down. Enjoy!"
Dr. Mel
Heavenly Thriller!
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The Sainted is an inspiring, imaginative work, full of warm, relatable, down-to-earth characters interspersed with moving spiritual scenes and lessons from the lives and deaths of the saints, and a detective murder thriller of heavenly proportions to boot!

Mary Scott
“You Heard it Here!”
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As a first-time author, Michael Medico blew me away. His writing style is so warm and welcoming that it makes you feel as though you and Chris Pella, his chief protagonist, are sitting together somewhere and having a nice, long chat…Managing to portray the very best of Italian American culture (the food, the love, the humor) Chris isn’t afraid to show us his tender side…One of the things that saves Chris from being an obnoxiously perfect protagonist is his massive insecurity over the fact that the woman he’s just met and fallen in love with comes from a very rich family. Another is his genuine and not altogether unrealistic dread that he might very well fall short in the courage department when confronted with the ultimate evil… I found the author’s depictions of the saints to be quite fascinating and not in the least sanctimonious. His demons were, quite simply, terrifying.

“Enjoyed this book very much!”
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Enjoyed this book very much by this 1st time author. Not the typical type of book I would normally opt to read, but I thought I'd give it a try and was very pleasantly surprised. I think the Author did a very good job in depicting and creating his characters and the story line was at times very upsetting and on the dark side, but none the less, very interesting. Looking forward to reading the 2nd book…

Barbara R.
While the action might seem otherworldly -- it is not!
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What a first novel! Medico keeps the earthly characters in focus and "sainted" ones full of unexpected action. While the action might seem otherworldly -- it is not -- there is a lot of fun all through the novel. I love the cops and the suspenseful as well as the romantic parts. Also, anyone who knows Long Island will appreciate the great descriptions of Suffolk County. (I'd also love to have Medico cook a great Italian meal for me.)

Amazon Customer
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THE SAINTED is a really fun, page turning read. It is a suspense thriller sprinkled with humor. The main character, Chris, interacts with The Saints, who try to help him in his fight with Satan. I truly enjoyed the developing, romantic relationship between Beth and Chris. I was engaged and wanted to read more about them. I am looking forward to see what happens in the second book of Michael Medico's trilogy.

A unique and intriguing novel
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I read your book and found it very entertaining and different from anything I had ever read before. I had never read a story about a person having saintly visions that would solve crimes and murders. It was a bit difficult getting through the crow incidences but in the end love and goodness triumphs over evil. The intervening of the saints was unique and learning their history was very interesting. I wish you much success with your career as an author..

Amazon Customer
“This book is a great read.”
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This book is a great read. The story line was interesting. I could put it down. Chris Pella had a good upbringing and family & that was reflected in each page. The theme was funny and scary?!?! Read it and you will understand. I enjoyed the visits from the Saints, but was terrified by the visit from Satan…

Gloria W.
I love Michael Medico's writing style
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I love Michael Medico's writing style. I feel as though he's in the room talking to me telling me the story.

Kindle Customer
I can't wait for the next book in the series!
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It was an excellent read! I am a commuter and I was looking for a book, and an author, that keeps me on the edge of my seat (so I don't fall asleep) but also adds some non-fiction real life knowledge to my reading. The book develops outstanding characters...ones we aspire to be, and ones that make us shudder...and captures us with intrigue, romance, and the daily battle of good vs. evil. We are also introduced to real life saints and learn their amazing stories that help us in that battle of good vs evil.

John Adam
Great Read !!!
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Just finished the Sainted by Michael Medico and found it to be quite different than anything I've read in a very long time. The book was very suspenseful, and had me on the edge of my seat. I look forward to the next installment in the Chris Pella series.

Noah Levinson
I Very Rarely Give Reviews but...
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I was flying to my condo in Jupiter Florida with my fiancé. As soon as the plane took off she opened a book and started to read. Usually when we travel she would bring something to read but never for the entire flight. It was like she was in a trance. She kept reading until the flight attendant asked everyone to please put everything away and put the trays in an upright position for landing. When we arrived at the condo we had barely unpacked when she sat down on the balcony with a glass of wine and continued to read this book. I finally said to her, after all the time we've been together and all the trips we've taken I never saw you so engrossed in a book. I asked, what are you reading? She said, Evil Awaits, it's the first book of the Sainted Trilogy, would you like to read it when I finish it? I said why not. I have never been a fan of the supernatural or suspense thrillers but the minute I started reading Evil Awaits I couldn't put it down. It is interesting, entertaining and in some cases enlightening. The characters seem so real and interesting. They seem like people who work with you or live next-door to you. Evil awaits sets the bar high for other similar type books. As for me, I'm looking forward to reading the next two books in the Sainted trilogy.

I Was Captivated!
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From the very first page of "Evil Awaits" I was completely captivated. I typically read in order to fall asleep, but this storyline kept me awake until well past my bedtime. I enjoyed the love story between Chris and Beth, the fascinating religious narrative, and the suspenseful drama that builds throughout the plot. It's a fast-paced, enjoyable story with a thriller ending. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting and entertaining read.

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I am a fan of supernatural suspense thrillers and the idea of good versus evil is the predominant theme, made it an exciting read. I was not familiar with the saints, but the author managed to provide a totally readable narrative that intertwined their lives and miracles. I especially liked the character Julian; Satan in human form. He is not what you would expect, but he’s still the demon that you would imagine.

Edgar G.
Creative Masterpiece!
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A tale of real-life against anyone's religious beliefs with a focus on core values against today's challenges of violence, corruption, and divide. For Christians, the skill of giving a brief history and dialog between the lead character and the Sainted is brilliant. A great read that ties suspense and the supernatural together with love as a human baseline is well worth the time, and wanting more.

Robert C.
Great love story with engaging characters!
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I found the love story aspect between the two main characters to be very engaging. Beth is a wonderful positive person and I can see why Chris has fallen in love with her. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and can’t wait for the second book in the series, as I’ve got to know what happened to them.

Suspenseful and intriguing!
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After reading "The Sainted - Evil Awaits", I can't wait to read the second book! Could not put it down. It truly captures the imagination.

Steve b.
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This is my first read by this author. Bravo!! I could not put this book down, a true page turner, a stand-alone story, very intriguing. I can't wait for Michael's next book.

Sherry S.
Page Turner Continues...
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I'm captivated by the challenges facing the lead character. Bringing the saints to real-life dialog is intriguing and quite creative as each of these saints were real people, living ordinary lives in their era, but confronted with the challenges of good versus evil. The irony of this storyline, in consideration of what is going on across the globe, is quite relevant. After reading both books it does make one do a self-analysis of how often evil has come into our lives and how we handled the outcome. A great read.

Robert C.
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I thought after reading Evil Awaits that Revelations could not compare to the first book, boy was I wrong. I have been a fan of Dan Brown's novel but I have to say that I find that Michael Medico books have me up till mid-morning turning the pages faster than the sun can come up. It would not surprise me one bit that these books will become a major motion picture in the very near future. SAS

Book One Is Superb
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I read "Evil Awaits" and found it magnetic in its approach of giving dialog to the Sainted with a timeline that brought the moral values of these patron saints to modern-day application. The storyline brings us all back to the basics of life--evil versus good--an excellent read.

Fiction Driven
Peaked Interest
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Intriguing thriller that captures all emotions, From compassion, loyalty, fear, family, humor, spirituality to sadness. Kept my interest was from page one to the end.

I Was Captivated!
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From the very first page of "Evil Awaits" I was completely captivated. I typically read in order to fall asleep, but this storyline kept me awake until well past my bedtime. I enjoyed the love story between Chris and Beth, the fascinating religious narrative, and the suspenseful drama that builds throughout the plot. It's a fast-paced, enjoyable story with a thriller ending. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting and entertaining read.