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Zac Feldman interviews author Michael Medico on Z Radio Live

Zac Feldman interviews author Michael Medico on “The Zach Feldman Show” Broadcasting live, The Zach Feldman Show is not your usual talk show. Join Zach Feldman as he interviews author Michael Medico about his novel, “Evil Awaits” Book One of The Sainted Trilogy. The Zach Feldman Show airs every Wednesday at 8pm EST on Z Radio Live!

The Sainted Trilogy is the Ultimate Supernatural Thriller

The struggle of good versus evil has been a premise of many stories and parables throughout history. In this episode, we speak with author Michael Medico who wrote a captivating supernatural suspense thriller series entitled The Sainted Trilogy. It is a thriller and love story seen through the eyes of Chris Pella who is able to communicate with The Sainted. It is a suspenseful journey as good is pitted against the ultimate evil. It is a time-travel saga where Chris has vivid and frightening visions learned from men and women who have been blessed by God and the Church. It covers many of the worst of all evils inherent in society today. It is Chris’ purpose to find and help people in need and to fight evil with the help of the Saints. He has to fight Satan and the demons that Satan commands. This trilogy covers the terrible evils and travesties that confront society today throughout the series. It is thought-provoking and a lesson in how Divine faith rules in the end. The trilogy includes Evil Awaits, Revelations, and Megiddo. The Sainted Trilogy has been described as a work of genius and spiritual insight. The series will keep you on the edge of your seat. We feature compelling audio excerpts from the series that are beautifully narrated and draw you in. Be sure to tune in to this episode of The Truckers Network Radio Show with Shelley M. Johnson.

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Settling for the common narrative has gotten humans into trouble. History has been rewritten for popular culture, perplexities of space and the universe have been hidden. Convenience has replaced inquisition.
Michael Medico. Author of The Sainted Trilogy will appear as a guest on the podcast, “But Why” with Michaela Renee Johnson, best-selling author, psychotherapist. Michaela interviews guests from around the world on common misconceptions and curiosities. In this no-holds-barred podcast Michaela seeks obliterate everything you thought you knew.
When Wed May 11, 2022 3:30pm – 4:15pm Pacific Time; 7:15P East Cost Time
Where: But Why? on Apple Podcasts
Michaela will be moderating an in-depth discussion of the eternal struggle between good and evil and its impact in today’s violence charged world. The topics as illustrated in the three books of The Sainted Trilogy focus in these elements and how they relate them to so much of what you read in the headlines.
We invite everyone to listen to the interview live on the podcast and we welcome any comments.
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Michael Medico has received accolades from critics and reviewers including being awarded ‘Book of the Day” for “Evil Awaits” Book One in The Sainted Trilogy by Dr. Melissa Caudle, Author and Screenwriter.
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Michael Medico was born in New York City where he attended Power Memorial Academy. On graduation Mike joined the U.S. Navy and served stateside during the Viet Nam War. After being honorably discharged from the service, he attended Pace University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing and advertising.


Michael Medico considers why the series has gained popularity with readers of novels written in these various genres. “I think it stems from the seamless interweaving of the elements including supernatural interactions and the suspense that this creates, as well as the love story that evolves between the two main characters. Another of the prominent themes in the series is the eternal struggle between good and evil.”

“Revelations” and “Megiddo” are the highly anticipated Book Two and Book Three in the series and follow up to the exciting Book One, “Evil Awaits.” The Sainted Trilogy is a supernatural suspense thriller and love story where Chris Pella, the lead character, holds a secret he has kept since childhood; he can communicate with The Sainted. Through vivid, sometimes frightening visions, Chris is transported back in time where he learns teachings from the men and women who, over the centuries, would become blessed icons of the Catholic Church.

Itali-Echo with Viviana Dragani

Michael Medico is an Italian-American author. In this video he discusses his supernatural suspense thriller series “The Sainted Trilogy”.