Meet the Saints & Take-a-Quiz

The following is a partial list of some of the Sainted featured in one of the three novels in the series. I have written of many of the Sainted that are from the earliest days of Christianity and they were inspired by the love of Jesus.

Sneak Peek Excerpts

“You know what I mean, Chris.

Out at 3 A.M…druggies…prostitutes…pimps…Tina!

If these scumbags think she’s a threat

they’ll kill her and leave her body parts

all over Jones Beach parking lot.”

Meet The Characters

The following is a partial list of the main character that are featured in two or all three of the novels in The Sainted Trilogy. There are a number of others that you will come to know and love…or hate…depending on your point of view.

Excerpts from the Trilogy of the Lives of the Saints

There are three novels that make up Sainted Trilogy; “Evil Awaits”, “Revelations” and “Megiddo”. The major theme and focus on is the eternal struggle between ‘good’ as represented by the saints and ‘evil’ that is embodied in Satan himself.